Bone china teacup cup, set of 2


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Hand illustrated in England, Portobello china cups feature a bespoke print and stylish gloss finish, while being perfect for daily use.
Dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can warm delicious mugs of milk in the evening, then pop them straight into the dishwasher.
A set of two, each mug measures 3.5”h x 4.3”w and comfortably holds 12oz, or 14oz filled to the brim, perfect for a large coffee.
Serve Earl Grey, Darjeeling or English Breakfast tea, along with crustless sandwiches, cream and scones for a truly indulgent treat.
Whether for work, home or a friend, these delightful mugs are guaranteed to impress, so you can enjoy a peaceful break wherever you are.


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